Associate Principal’s Update

Hello Parents, Carers and the wider school community

Last newsletter we informed you that the school had purchased some new climbing and agility style playground equipment for our senior students. This was made possible by a generous donation from our hard-working P&C group combined with funds set aside in our annual school budget.

It is with great delight that I can inform you that the new equipment is now fully installed and operational. Due to the initial large number of students keen to test out the equipment, we have had to put a roster in place to make sure the senior students all get a fair go and an allocated time to use it. The equipment was also installed with a long-term view of adding on to it so we can continue to provide our individual students with more opportunities to incorporate physical movement and exercise beyond just the regular team type games.

Mr Scotland will also be teaching our students how to effectively use the equipment to gain the most value from it as part of his Physical Education program. This will ensure it is used to its capacity and in a safe and controlled manner.

Book Week is always an exciting time at the school and this year promises to be a fantastic event. Mrs Walker has put a lot of time and effort into the planning of the week’s activities, and she should be congratulated for this tremendous effort. I always look forward to the character parade and can’t wait to see the array of costumes on display.

Parent night is now less than two weeks away so please support your children and the school by setting aside some time to visit and look at the great classroom displays along with your child’s work. Remember that the sausages will be turning and are free to those who would like one. Rumour has it that Mr Read’s apprentice sausage turner (Ms Wood), is looking at purchasing her own BBQ so she can practise beforehand. That sort of commitment from staff is what makes Yale PS a wonderful place to work at.

In finishing, take care everyone, and as Mrs Raven says ‘Be kind, always’.

David Melling Associate Principal