Namaste Hello

Namaste Hello

A time for celebration…. Yale has successfully completed its 2023 Public School Review. This report is available for you to read on our school website, Schools Online forum, and on Compass. We are excited by the results and the Department’s recognition that we are highly achieving our school moral purpose/vision statement:

“We are dedicated to successful student outcomes, quality teaching and a supportive and engaged community”
Thank you to our staff, student and school community for all you do to make it a pleasure to be at Yale Primary School every day and to be a part of this amazing team.

Our successful 2 weeks of swimming lessons has been completed and I would like to thank the staff involved for making sure that sessions ran smoothly, and the students were engaged in learning water safety. “The primary aim of water-safety education is to prevent drowning, and it’s a vital part of any aquatics program. Children will ideally start their water safety education at home, but their knowledge should increase greatly when they start dedicated swimming lessons”

At Yale, we are proud to offer Interm Swimming which is a school- based swimming program for our students from pre-primary to year 6. This program provides quality swimming lessons to ensure children develop vital swimming and water safety skills.

First semester school reports will be published on Compass by 3.30 pm on 28 June. The report assists you to determine the strengths of your child, how their learning is progressing, and any areas they may be having difficulty with.

“It is very important to start the conversation with your child by praising the positive first. Congratulate them, not only on high results, but also on getting better grades in subjects they previously had difficulty with. Ask them which grade they are proudest of and why. Involve them in discussions about their successes and challenge them to explain how they got such a good result. It is far more useful to ask, “What went right?” for a good result to see how that achievement can translate to other more difficult areas.” respond-to-your-childs-school-report

Our next school assembly will be presented by year 2, A5 on the 2 June. This is a chance to bring our community together and celebrate and recognise the talented staff and students at our school. We look forward to seeing you there.

Office superstars keep shining at our school. Thank you to those students who came up to the office to share their fabulous learning.

On the 26 May, Yale staff and students recognised National Sorry Day. This is a National Day of Healing and first occurred in 1998 one year after the Bringing Them Home report was sent to Parliament. National Sorry Day is a day to acknowledge the strength of the Stolen Generation Survivors and to reflect on the healing process for the people and for the nation.

At our next assembly we will be celebrating the class with the highest attendance percentage for the fortnight. It will be exciting to see who can raise their attendance rate and take back to their class the popular attendance trophy.

Thank you to all those families who contact the school, teacher, or use one of our on-line platforms to let us know when their child is away. It is truly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Caroline Churchill