Attending kindergarten

Although there is no legal requirement in the School Education Act 1999 for pre compulsory aged students (Kindergarten), there is an expectation that once enrolled, students will attend on a regular basis, and positive attendance patterns should be fostered with all students by schools. Learning in Kindergarten ensures readiness for the more rigorous years ahead.

Children are to attend school for two full days a week Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday and each alternate Wednesday.

In order to ensure our duty of care for all children the school requires notification of non-attendance.  This can be achieved through:

  • Phone call from parent/guardian to your child’s classroom teacher on the day of absence and written notification of absence as soon as your child returns to school.
  • An SMS message will be sent to your mobile phone advising you that your child is absent and you may wish to advise us by return SMS.

School times

Below is a table, which explains the days your child will be attending Kindergarten.

Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Blue Group 8.50am-3pm 8.50am-3pm
Alternate Wednesdays to be advised
Red Group 8.50am-3pm 8.50am-3pm
Alternate Wednesdays to be advised
Yellow Group 8.50am-3pm 8.50am-3pm
Alternate Wednesdays to be advised

Please note: Classes are open at 8.30am to receive children, however, formal lessons commence at 8.50am and end at 3pm.

Arrival and departure


To allow for easy transition into the school day please do not send your child to school earlier than the arrival time. (Please refer ‘School Times’ section) Children must wait with their parents in the undercover area until the beginning of the session (8.30am) Kindergarten students must be accompanied by an adult to the door until the classroom is available. Playing on the outdoor equipment before or after school is not allowed as Teachers are not available to supervise.


Parents are asked to ensure that Kindergarten students are collected at the appropriate time to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety to your child. If someone other than yourself is collecting your child, please let the classroom teacher know by way of a note or phone call. The school will not release children to non-authorised persons or older siblings under 10 years of age.

# There is an exercise book in the classroom that needs to be filled in advising of who will be picking your child up. 

School Parking & Security

The entrance at Kidman Court is closed to vehicles for the safety of students. Parking is available in Kidman Court or Aylesford Avenue and parents are asked not to park vehicles in front of the entrance gates or within the Administration Parking area (off Sage Road).

Parents and students may enter the school through the pedestrian gate provided. Please ensure students are accompanied by an adult at all times. Closure of school gates occurs at approximately 9.00am and they are secured until the end of the school day at 2.50pm.


Kindergarten children are encouraged to dress in school uniform. These may be purchased through Lowes at Centro Maddington. The shop is open 7 days and they accept laybys. School dress requirements are tangible evidence of the standards expected of students. The school’s dress requirements play an important role in promoting a positive image of the school and creating a sense of identity among studens.

If you do not wish to dress your child in school uniform please dress your child in loose, comfortable, neat and manageable clothing. The children will participate in messy activities and although we do take precautions, it is unfair to expect the children to keep their clothes clean at all times. Paint stains on good clothes cause unnecessary anxiety to the both you and your child.

Please ensure your child is sent to school with shoes that are appropriate for school activity and that the children can take off and put on without assistance. Sneakers or sandals are preferred. Thongs are not acceptable. One School Rule is that during outdoor play children will need to remove their shoes when using climbing equipment.


Children are required to have a hat for outdoor play to support the schools “No hat, no play” policy during spring, summer and autumn. A wide brimmed hat, either red, black or white is preferred.

Kindergarten and healthy choices

Further information at WA Schools Canteen website.