Voluntary Contributions and Charges

The Voluntary Contributions and Charges, which parents are asked to pay are set by the Yale School Council.

Voluntary Contributions are payable:

  • $60 for each child attending

These funds are invaluable in providing resources, educational aids and equipment and the many ongoing expenses of maintaining a primary school.

Charges are costs incurred by parents for addition educational activities such as excursions, swimming lessons and performances.

Voluntary Contribtuion & Charges 2023 schedule

Voluntary contribution letter 2023

Payments to school

To make payments to school we use the QKR app, you can download the app at the App store or Google Play. By using the QKR app you can:

  • pay your child’s¬†Voluntary Contributions and fees
  • manage your child’s canteen orders

Available on the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android)