Travelling to and from school

Parking and picking up/setting down children

The entrance at Kidman Court, which is close to the pre-primary is closed to vehicles for the safety of students. Parking is available in Kidman Court, Greenway Avenue, Hargrave Drive and Malon Court. Parents are asked not to park vehicles in front of the entrance gates or within the administration parking area.

Please ensure all pre-primary students are accompanied by an adult at all times. (Closure of school gates occurs at approximately 9.00 am and they are secured until just before the end of the school day 2.50 pm).

Detailed maps of available parking are displayed in the school front office.

Road safety

Children riding to school need parental guidance and training regarding road safety and safe practices. This is reinforced at school but your role as parent is vital. All children must use a bike helmet and ride on the dual pathways. Care needs to be taken at driveways and the rights of pedestrians respected. Parents should regularly check the safety of their children’s bicycles.

Bicycles and scooters are not allowed to be ridden in the school grounds and must be parked in the cycle racks provided. The locking of bicycles is the student’s responsibility.


Your child’s safety is our top priority. Please make sure your children use the crosswalks provided at all times.


Please do not bring your dog to school. For the protection of children with allergies and/or a fear of dogs, parents are asked not to bring dogs onto the premises under any circumstances.