Pre-Primary Parent Involvement

Parent Roster

We welcome your visit to the Pre-Primary classroom as it is extremely important for your child. It shows that you are genuinely interested and care about their learning and it also provides you with an insight into the early childhood teaching and learning program. We understand that due to work commitments some parents will be unable to participate in the parent roster. In order to assist with the coordination of parent involvement, the Pre-primary operates a roster system throughout the year. The classroom teacher will provide more information early in term one.


The laundry roster is voluntary and involves washing the towels and painting aprons used by the children during the school week. Your help in assisting with the laundry roster is greatly appreciated.

Donations of materials

The Pre-Primary class use a constant supply of odds and ends and we would appreciate it if you could donate any of the following items or any other useful items.

  • Ice cream containers.
  • Yoghurt containers.
  • Margarine containers.
  • Cardboard boxes and cylinders (no empty toilet rolls please)
  • Fabric, lace.
  • Egg cartons.
  • Meat trays.
  • Cotton reels.
  • Clothes and shoes for dress ups
  • Surplus clothing for use by students in case of accidents (not underwear).
  • Cardboard & paper (all shapes, colours and sizes).
  • Unused toys, games and books.

Any other items you may have around the house that are unused may be donated at any time. (No toilet rolls please.) Staff appreciate donations and thank you for supporting our Pre-Primary program.

Please keep the school fully informed in all matters that may affect your children and also ensure the information is kept up to date and current, eg

  • Family Court Orders and contact restrictions.
  • Medical Conditions.
  • Emergency Phone Contacts.
  • Home Address & phone numbers.