Faction Cross Country Carnival Friday 19 June

The Faction Cross Country carnival will be this Friday 19th June following the program below (weather permitting).

11.25 am     Yr 3 Girls 11.35 am  Boys
 11:45 am     Yr 2 Girls 11:55 pm  Boys
12:05 pm     Yr 1 Girls 12.15 pm  Boys
12.25 pm     Yr 4 Girls 12:35 pm  Boys
 2:00 pm      Yr 5 Girls 2:10 pm  Boys
 2:20 pm      Yr 6 Girls  2:30 pm  Boys
 2:45  pm   Presentations 

All students are encouraged to run their best in this fun team event, and improve their physical fitness at the same time!

Ribbons are awarded to 1st-4th place, a trophy is awarded to the best scoring faction for each year group, and the overall shield is awarded to the faction with the best points overall.  All participants score points, with first place receiving the most points and last receiving the least.  Students who do not participate or are absent without a medical certificate will be awarded the least points.

Please check the attached map for parent access to the podium and track.

Parents will be allowed onsite for this event, and we respectfully request that parents follow physical distancing measures – in particular with the students.

Photo’s of runners and awards will be possible, but please do not enter the student seating area to do so.

The Greenway Ave gate will be open and a staff member available to direct parents to their designated areas.