A message from Associate Principal Mrs Churchill

Hi Everyone and welcome back to term 3,

It’s been fabulous to see the students back at school and ready for learning.

On the Staff Development Day, we completed professional learning in “Talk for Reading”

Talk for Reading is a tried-and-tested whole-school approach that has been developed in high attaining schools and has been shown to raise standards. The course introduced a clear and logical sequence for teaching reading that moves children towards independence.

This is based on whole-class modelling and shared reading, as well as effective guided and one-to-one teaching to deepen children’s understanding and engagement.

T4R compliments our embedded school curriculum in Talk for Writing (T4W) which is successfully implemented across our school.


We also learnt about Accountable Talk…

Student-centred discussion using accountable talk is so beneficial to your student’s learning. For one, they remain highly engaged because they are allowed to use their natural desire to talk to one another. Having accountable conversation also allows students to process the lesson material much more deeply than teacher-centred talk. By actively discussing specific topics and defending their ideas and opinions on these topics, students internalize the material in a super authentic way


Speaking of all things reading

Our Book Week Parade will be held on Wednesday the 25 August at 9.15 am. Mark that time in your diaries because we would love to see you there. More information to follow.

Celebrating success

We celebrate all our students and love to see our office superstars. 

Here are a few of our fabulous learners this fortnight