Newsletter Term 3 – week 6

Dear parents and families,

As we are already halfway through Term 3, I need to remind you about some exciting new things happening next term.

The first of these is SEASONS FOR GROWTH.  An 8 week program for students who have experienced significant loss or change in their lives.  Whether it be a major change in home routine, family breakdown, moving school/house, a loss of a friendship or loved one etc.  Similar to Rainbows, this very popular program offers a safe and supportive small group environment where students can share and navigate their experiences and feelings.  Information about Seasons for Growth sent home last Friday (23rdAugust). If you think your child/children would benefit from “Seasons”, then please inform your classroom teacher that you are interested.  I plan to run a few of these groups, breaking students into their peer-age.  However, due to groups being quite small (between 4 to 7 students) and being offered to years one through to six, there may be limited spaces available.  A list of all students needs to be collated by Friday 30thAugust (end of week 6) and then permission slips will be sent home.  Please check your youngest child’s bag for the information on Seasons for Growth and don’t hesitate to speak to either myself or your class teacher if you have any questions.  You can also email me at

Garden Club

You may have seen the flyers around the school, generating interest for our new garden club.  Garden Club commences the first Friday of term 4 and will be a fortnightly, after school activity.  We are hoping for some volunteer parents/grandparents/aunties or uncles – really ANY FAMILY members who have any interest in the garden.  It may be that you just love to soak in the beauty of a brightly colored petunia, or appreciating watching a cherry tomato plant climb its way to the sun.  You certainly DON’T need a certificate in horticulture to come join in the fun.  We appreciate any help.  “B.T.W.” Thank you for the anonymous donation of the empty milk drink containers.  They will come in handy for growing our precious seeds.  If there any plastic pots strewn around your backyard that you don’t need, please drop them off in the small courtyard outside my office. We will definitely make use of them.

Also, around the school are some posters of the “THE HIVE”. This is an indoor play area that I open at lunch times on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  The children have been enjoying playing in this space and hanging out with me.  On Tuesdays we do craft in the Hive.  This term there’s been lots of cutting and pasting in our scrapbooks.  What a mess!  The kids will get to take these home at the end of the term.  Next term we will be doing all things “Christmassy”. From Xmas cards to tree ornaments. If anyone has any Xmas craft supplies they would like to donate, they would be appreciated very much.  Also any ideas for Xmas craft which we could complete in just 20 minutes would also be appreciated.

Thank you and have a great week. Dinah Lacey – School Chaplain

Some inspirational quotes about HOPE:




Book Week

The Book Week school assembly introduced many interesting characters from books which children had read.  Many staff members also participated and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Thank you to the parents who helped the children find their costumes.

Our staff dressed up for Book Week

Science Week

What a busy Term! Science Talent Search students are preparing their Investigations!

The vegetable Patch is growing potatoes, carrots, strawberries, broad beans, parsley and we are about to plant tomatoes, radishes and corn. Well done EC1 & 4 as well as year 1.

Destination the Moon and Beyond, 50 years since the Moon Landing..

Students presented some experiments to the school on Wednesday of Science Week and we had another amazing incursion from SciTech.  So proud of our young scientists.  Well done everyone.

Interschool Sports

Yale Primary School interschool teams in Football, Netball, Soccer and Hockey.  Yale, as usual were very successful with our Football team winning the trophy.  Well done to all teams for their excellent sportsmanship and behaviour and thank you to the coaches and parents who went along and supported our teams.

Interschool Cross Country Carnival

Our interschool cross-country team represented Yale in their usual excellent manner and after weeks of training and effort, they still had the energy and enthusiasm to go along and not only compete but enjoy themselves as well.  Congratulations again on your excellent sportsmanship and behaviour and thank you to the coaching staff for their hard work in preparing the team.

A word from our school P & C

Thank you to everyone who supported our Annual Book Sale over each morning last week. We sold lots of books and made a nice profit.  We hope everyone enjoyed the Book Week celebrations.

We will be holding our Father’s Day Stall this Wednesday 28 August and Thursday 29 August for our Blue Group Kindys. Friday 30 August is a Pupil Free Day this year, so please ensure that children get their gifts on Wednesday. We require volunteers for this stall, please let us know if you can assist.

Our Faction Sports Carnival is to be held on Friday 13 September. The P&C will be holding a sausage sizzle and running the Subway orders as well which will be delivered to students in their Faction Bays (Pre Primary and Kindy orders will be delivered to their classrooms). Notes will be sent home soon.

The P&C is always looking for new faces to attend our meetings and share their ideas and suggestions. Please ensure you join our Facebook page (Yale Primary School P&C) for updates on events at the school, meetings, general questions or reminders.  Don’t forget to join Connect as well to keep up to date with School events – if you are unsure how to join, please contact the office, or attend their information sessions on Tuesdays after school.

Our next Fete meeting will be held on Monday 9thSeptember at 3.15pm in the staffroom. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please come join us. Children are welcome as well.

Please check Facebook for any updates or speak to one of the committee around the school.

The P&C thanks you for your continued support!