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Just a reminder to everyone in our School Community

There have been very few incidents at our school that fall in breach of the regulations, and the occasions have been quietly and amicably resolved, but we thought you would like to know that we take Science room safety seriously. The following is the Draft Advice for Primary Schools from the Education Department of Western Australia… “

“… Basic closed footwear must be worn when on the science room as is the safety requirement for long hair. Long hair needs to be tied up or secured in a hair net to stop the hair falling over a student’s face which may prevent clear, unobscured vision to the task at hand or touching mixtures, tools, electrical circuitry (batteries only) or into animal enclosure that they may be working with. Loose flowing clothing or jewellery also needs to be contained. 

These regulations are not negotiable, as they are needed for the safety of your child and others in the class. It would disappointing for your child if they had to sit and observe rather than participate. 

Many thanks

Ms C Donaldson, Science Teacher

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