Pre Kindy Programme 2019

Dear Parents and carers

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Child and Parent Centre Brookman’s Prep for Kindy programme.

During the year we will be doing a lot of fun play based activities designed to help your child develop the social, physical and independence skills necessary for a successful start to school. During this time we may have visits from other professionals such as the Child Health Nurse, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and School psychologist who will be providing information sessions to parents and be available to answer any questions you have on your child’s development.

As a parent your role in assisting your child’s development is extremely important so we ask that all parents be involved in supporting their children with the activities and social interactions.

What will the children learn at Prep-for-Kindy?

• Social skills, such as sharing and turn taking
• Sitting and listening
• Joining in with other children
• Talking and sharing ideas
• How to move from one activity to another
• Waiting and lining up
• Basic concepts such as colours, size, shapes, and number and letter recognition
• Develop fine and gross motor skills, e.g. holding pencils, cutting, jumping, throwing and catching

How to support your child at prep-for-kindy

• Role model skills and behaviours, e.g. at mat time sit on the mat with your child, line up with your child.
• Help your child to do an activity – do not do it for them. Art projects do not have to be perfect. The activity is to help develop skills not artists.
• Encourage your child to try a new skill before they say they cannot do it and give up.
• Encourage your child to speak and ask for help if they need it.
• Remember all children develop at different rates – try not to compare your child with others.
• If your child is struggling in a certain area and you are concerned, speak to a staff member.

What to bring to prep-for-kindy

• A hat for outdoor play
• Spare change of clothes in summer for water play
• A piece of fruit to share.
• Sun cream

Parent Responsibilities whilst enrolled in and attending the prep-for-kindy programme

• Parents are responsible for their children at all times and must be aware of where their children are and what they are doing.
• Please keep mobile phone use for emergencies only.
• Younger siblings are welcome but can be a distraction to the pre kindy children and the purpose of the programme. Please keep siblings close to you to avoid distractions.
• It would be greatly appreciated if parents could assist in the packing away after activities and clean dishes after morning tea.
• In case of an emergency parents are to follow the directions of staff, and should not leave the site until instructed to do so, as all persons need to be accounted for.
• If your child is unwell please do not bring them to prep for kindy. We do not want the germs to spread. Call the centre on 9235 7032 to let us know you will not attend.
• For the benefit of the group spaces are limited. We often have a waitlist for families waiting to attend prep-for-kindy. If you are going to be away for more than 4 weeks please let us know so we can hold your child’s place in prep-for-kindy. This will avoid your place being offered to another family.
• We ensure everyone is treated equally and with respect regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion or age. All visitors to our centre are required to do the same.
• The Child and Parent Centre is operated by Parkerville Children and Youth Care (Inc) and is accredited as a Child Safe Organisation. We are committed to prioritising the safety of children.

We hope you enjoy your time at prep-for-kindy, and welcome all feedback and suggestions from parents, carers and children. If you would like to provide feedback, you may do so by filling out the feedback form provided, or via the Parkerville Children and Youth Care Website on

We look forward to getting to know you throughout the year and watching your child develop.

Download a copy of the letter to parents