Photo day schedule

 Dear Parents, School Photos will be taken on Thursday 21st March and Friday 22nd March.  Please find below the schedule for both days or download a copy of the schedule.

Photo Day 1

Time Class Teacher
8.15am Families
9am P1 Kindy Blue Ms Robinson
9.20am P2 Kindy blue  Mrs MacDonald
9.50am P – PP Mrs Norwood
10.10am P3 – PP Mrs Bradford
10.30am A1 – Yr1 Ms Nelson
11.20am A2 – Yr1 Mrs McCaig
11.40am A3 – Yr1 Miss Kuppusamy
12pm A4 – Yr1/2 Mrs Bristow

Mrs Speedy

12.20 A5 – Yr 2 Mrs McClumpha

Mrs Raven

12.40 A6 – Yr 2/3 Mrs Kealley
2pm B1 – Yr 3 Mrs Taylor
2.20pm B3 – Yr 3 Mrs Lehembre

Photo Day 2

Time Class Teacher
8am Staff
8.15am Families
9am P1 Kindy Red Ms Robinson
9.20am B4 – Yr 3/4 Mrs Du Plooy
9.50am B5 – Yr 4 Mrs Chahal

Mrs Furina

10.10am C3 – Yr 5 Mrs Kolevski
10.30am C4 – Yr 5/6 Ms Baker
11.20am C5 – Yr 6 Mrs Kickett
11.40am C6 – Yr 6 Mrs Hardman