Principals message

Dear Parents

At Yale Primary School, your child is the centre of our wonderful community. This is a place where your child will feel safe and happy while they enjoy the first and arguably the most important years of their education.

At Yale, we ask our students to be do their best, be caring, be responsible and be respectful whilst teachers and support staff do the same. We aim to provide all children with an education program that is relevant and inspiring, catering to their individual needs. In this way, your child’s achievements are our achievements.

I trust you will find this website helpful and informative. It tells you everything you need to know about our school. We value and appreciate the input of our parents and other school community members, so if you have any questions or feedback you would like to share, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Your involvement and support enables our school and students to continue to thrive.

Quality teaching 

The teachers and education assistants at Yale Primary School are dedicated to ensuring your child receives the best possible education and the best start to life. Children learn best when they feel safe and Yale provides a caring and nurturing environment so your child can feel comfortable to try new things, learn new skills and achieve their full potential. Whatever your child’s learning style; our teachers will take the time to ensure they are given the individual attention they need to achieve. We know you want the best for your son or daughter and our teachers are here to work in partnership with you as your child attends Yale Primary School.

Excellent learning programs 

Our school has a strong focus on numeracy and literacy, and we are proud of our achievements in these areas. In addition to Mathematics, English and the Humanities, we offer a diverse range of subjects such as Instrumental Music, Science, Library studies and Physical Education – all taught by dedicated specialist teachers.

We embrace digital technologies and multimedia facilities including computers, iPads, interactive whiteboards (and interactive televisions for our younger students) which support all student learning. We want every student to be well prepared for their future. We work together with you to ensure your child achieves their best. The Yale School community spirit is strong. Celebration is an important part of the Yale culture. By giving children the chance to experience success, they are empowered to try new things and push their boundaries.

Parents and children enjoy the whole school performance assemblies, where awarding Honour Certificates and announcing Citizen Bee winners acknowledges individual achievement and progress.

We see parents as an important partner in your child’s education, and we encourage you to get involved with the running of our school. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and we have worked very hard to ensure that all families feel part of our community.

Yours sincerely

Glen Read