Our Chaplain, Dinah Lacey is involved in supporting a number of areas. Dinah is involved with the Breakfast Club, organizing the School Volunteer Program and parent morning teas after assemblies. Support programs which Dinah run includes;

  • proactive self-esteem and anti-bullying BUZ programs through all the year 1’s, 3’s and 4’s;
  • “Music Time” a music/social skills program for 0 to 4 yr olds, helping prepare children for school.
  • Adult Food Sense Program for parents encouraging them to provide healthy food for their children.

Special projects occur throughout the year to raise funds for children overseas as well as our World Vision child and our sister school in Bali.  Non-perishables are also collected for Foodbank and Anglicare.

Dinah regularly visits classes to sing and tell stories, providing special lessons as required on topics such as Anxiety Strategies. For families facing hardship we donate meals or food, clothing and other needs.

Dinah’s door is always open to any student, staff member and parent who wants to come in and offload. She spends many an hour listening to students, encouraging them and providing strategies to cope in various situations.