Newsletter Term 3 – Week 10


Our Director General, Lisa Rodgers has written to Western Australian schools advising us that WA remains the “most improved jurisdiction” in Australia

The 2019 NAPLAN Summary Report contained very positive outcomes for Western Australia.  These results are for all WA schools although they are indicative of public school results due to the large number of students involved.  They are also subject to change before the final results are released.

Year 3:  WA achieved its highest ever mean scores in Numeracy, Reading, Writing and Grammar & Punctuation.

Year 5:  WA achieved its highest ever mean scores in Numeracy and Writing.

NAPLAN results have been given to students in Years 3 and 5 to take home.  There is a brochure for parents who would like more detailed information about how to understand a child’s individual report, and this can be downloaded from

Term 3 was very busy with not only Naplan, but also the winter team sports carnival and our own faction athletics carnival.  Our Parent Night proved a great success and thank you to the parents who came along with their children to look at the school work that has been completed.   The children loved showing off their classroom and what they have achieved.  Term 4 also promises to be a very busy time with interschool athletics as well as a Christmas Concert and year 6 Graduation.  We hope you all have a very relaxing holiday and look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday 14 October.

Glen Read – Principal


Dear Families

We are so close to the end of term three and I think all the students and staff are looking forward to a well-earned break! Gearing up for next term, we have been preparing for the start-up of our Garden Club! Thanks to all the parents who have been dropping off their used egg cartons, we now have plenty to plant seeds into and watch them sprout up into little seedlings! The children will absolutely love to watch this process and learn so much as we transfer them into little pots and into garden beds. Thanks to Lincoln, our wonderful gardener/handyman, we have a good sized area that he has been taking care of, so we can plant out an array of vegetables and learn to take care of them ourselves! There has already been a couple of messages asking Yale families to donate their seeds they collect from the Woolworths Discovery Garden Collectables. Thanks for the few that we have received already. Any more seeds would be appreciated. The Garden Club has already committed to raising some lovely pots of flowers to be sold at our 50th anniversary fete next March. All proceeds going of course into fundraising for our school. Our awesome P&C have been working tirelessly towards this great event, so we are excited to be able to contribute and be a part of the day! Don’t forget to come to our first Garden Club session, the first Friday after the school holidays. Meet us straight after school in the small courtyard area, outside the Hive – all students AND parents welcome!! I will provide some cut up fruit (and a cuppa tea/coffee for the parents) for us to share for afternoon tea, then we’ll get our hands dirty, planting our precious seeds!! I will be running the Seasons for Growth program with the year sixes next term, which is very exciting! This is a highly esteemed grief/loss program of which I have sent some information home to families. Seasons is usually run from week four of a term, finishing up roughly half way through the following term. This allows for flexibility of time – ie; any weeks where it might not happen due to whole school activities or sickness etc. It also includes a school holiday break where students can use the time for processing their learning and feelings. I plan to run three groups a year. Students who have been identified as ideally benefitting from this program will be contacted closer to the time and consent forms sent to their families/carers.

Food For Thought!

I recently attended a seminar about Anxious Kids. Michael Grose was one of the main speakers/leaders, as the co-author to the book Anxious Kids. He has written many useful parenting books and is the founder of the website I highly recommend checking it out! Below, Paul talks about the importance of raising our kids to be SELF-SUFFICIENT.

A challenging question he likes to ask people is: “What are you regularly doing for your children now that they can do themselves?” Why is self-sufficiency important? Self-sufficiency, of the ‘I can do it myself’ kind, is the basis of self-esteem and resilience. One of the main developmental tasks is for children and teenagers to gain a sense of control and mastery over their environment. This mastery begins by gaining basic competencies such as being able to feed and dress yourself as a toddler and then gradually adding new competencies as physical and mental capacities allow. The development of children’s independence can be frustrating and time-consuming, particularly if you are time-poor or have a strong perfectionist streak. But that is the price of independence-building. Step back to allow kids to step up Respected US parenting and child development expert Dr. Debora Gilboa (aka Dr. G) believes parents need to step back to allow children to step up. It’s a smart phrase that infers that parents need to take on the role of their child’s teacher rather than be the person who is always solving their problems and doing routine tasks for them. Gilboa says, “It’s crucial that you take a step back and let your kids make mistakes and learn from their experiences. You aren’t going to be there in adulthood to clear the obstacles they face or solve their struggles.” It is through dealing with their own frustrations and learning from their mistakes that kids develop the resilience needed to stand on their own two feet. Self-sufficiency tips Gilboa gives the following three tips to develop self-sufficiency in children at any age:

  1. Problem-solving. When your child or adolescent comes to you with a problem, resist the urge to fix it. Invite them to resolve the problem themselves.
  2. Welcome failure. This is hard in our perfectionistic world but expect them to struggle and talk about what they can do to get back on their feet.
  3. Expect them to help. Give them tasks that help the whole family, not just themselves and make sure they do them well. Be patient, but firm.

The extract above, from Parenting ideas reminds me of my own childhood. One of my mother’s favourite sayings was “If a job’s worth doing properly you’ve gotta do it yourself”. I think this sentiment is truer than ever, in our fast-paced, perfectionistic society. We need to find the time to allow our kids to learn how to do things for themselves, even if it means they do a less than perfect job!

Have a great school holidays!

Mrs Dinah Lacey

School Chaplain.


The athletics carnival was a great success.  Congratulations to Red Faction who were the winners this year.  Well done to all competitors.  Thank you to the parents and relatives who came down to the oval to cheer their children on.  The Sausage Sizzle was a great success and thank you to the hard working members of the Yale P & C.  The coffee van also proved very popular.


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Helping Hands Holiday Programme end of Term 3



The Thornlie Dental Therapy Centre will only be open in the October school holidays for 3 days.  Tuesday 1 October until Thursday 3 October 2019 for emergencies only.

On Friday 4 October, in case of an Emergency only, please call WATTLE GROVE DENTAL THERAPY ON 9453 6969.

For the second week of holidays, in case of an emergency only, please call:

QUEENS PARK DENTAL THERAPY CENTRE  on 9451 1015 from Monday 7 October to Wednesday 9 October 2019.

EDNEY DENTAL THERAPY CENTRE on 9454 4034 on Thursday 10 October and Friday 11 October 2019.

Should an emergency arise outside these times or on a Public Holiday, please contact:

EMERGENCY SERVICE on 1800 098 818

The School Dental Service continues to provide free and general preventative dental care for all enrolled students from Pre-Primary to Year 11.