Newsletter Term 2 – Week 7

Dear Parents 

I would like to give a special welcome to our new School Chaplin Mrs. Dinah Lacey. Mrs. Lacey has recently joined the staff at Yale Primary School and we look forward to working with her as I am sure you do as well. The Chaplaincy service forms an important and integral part of the pastoral care services that Yale has available for its school community. As the year progresses I am sure you will see Mrs. Lacey in the classrooms, at parent morning teas and at the breakfast club to mention a few. This Friday we are sending Mrs. Lacey along to our Year 7 camp to start the process of getting to know our students and assist our teachers with their camp activities. As time goes on and Dinah becomes more aware of our students and their family’s needs. I believe she will be able to add a special dimension to our school in supporting and serving students, staff and parents. 

Glen Read – Principal


We are now taking applications for enrolment.  You need to enrol for:

  • Kindergarten – four years old by 30 June 2020
  • Pre-Primary (first year of compulsory school) – 5 years old by 30 June 2020

Please visit the school office now to enrol your children for 2020.


Now is the time for Year 6 students to enrol in Year 7 at their local secondary school.  Please visit Thornlie Senior High School’s website for more information.


Book Club orders close on Wednesday 19th June at 9am.  Please bring your money into the Library on or before that date or order on line via the Loop.


Please note that our school times are from 8.50am until 3pm.  However, classes are open from 8.40am when the teacher is present.  The first 10-15 minutes of the formal teaching time is important, as it is when the children settle down ready to commence their day’s work.  Students who arrive at school on time are more relaxed and feel more organised.  We encourage you to assist your child to be punctual.  

There is a moral obligation on parents to ensure that their children are punctual in attendance and are properly equipped for their studies that day.

The first 10-15 minutes of the formal teaching time is important, as it is when the children settle down ready to commence their day’s work.  If a student is late, the class is then interrupted and children are distracted from their work, which results in more time being wasted.

Minutes late per day Equivalent of missing
5 Minutes 3.4 school days a year
10 Minutes 6.9 school days a year
15 Minutes 10.3 school days a year
20 Minutes 13.8 school days a year
30 Minutes 20.7 school days a year

Punctuality is also very important at the end of the day.  Children do get distressed if parents are late to pick them up.  If you are delayed, please call the school as soon as possible on 9493 2088.

Yale Primary School P&C

We would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers that helped out at the disco. We would also like to thank the Principal and Associate Principals as well as the teachers that came on the night and the lovely cleaners that helped behind the scenes. Huge thanks to the wonderful DJ Stevie D for his fantastic tunes and great entertainment. We were able to raise just over $1500. We hope all your children enjoyed the night and we welcome any feedback that you may have.

Our next fundraiser will be a raffle for a BB8 robot. Tickets will be sold before school in the Undercover Area from 1st July to 5th July and will be drawn at the Assembly on the 5th July. More information to come soon.

The P&C is always looking for new faces to attend our meetings and share their ideas and suggestions. Please ensure you join our Facebook page (Yale Primary School P&C) for updates on events at the school, general questions or reminders. We are currently advertising for different meeting times, so please jump on and cast your vote!

We are very happy to announce that our President, Yolanda Honey was nominated for a community award called “WA Hero of the Week” for all her work for the school.  Congratulations Yolanda.  We are very proud of you.

Please check Facebook for any updates or speak to one of the committee around the school.

The P&C thanks you for your continued support!

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Forensic & Chemistry Incursion:  Dr Kari Pitts who is a Forensic Investigator visited our school to show the students how science plays an important r9ole in the world outside the classroom.  

We have new recycling bins in our undercover area.  The bins are encouraging our students to really look at the materials they bring to school and discard.  Children in Room C4 continue to help recycling for us.  Thank you.

We will be holding another lunch box audit for EVERYONE in the school. We hope to see if there have been any changes in the type of material coming to school.  Recyclable?  Worm worthy? Or other?  It should be fun.

Our female Phasmid has grown.  We hope there are eggs!

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The pre-primary students in EC1 and EC4 had fun planting potatoes.  Hopefully we should have a crop of new baby potatoes in the not too distant future.

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There are a few activities coming up this year

  1. Year 6 planting in Aylesford reserve.
  2. Science Talent Search.
  3. Community Walk through Aylesford reserve.


Download the fact sheets about the following events happening at school

NAIDOC week 2019

Primary enrolments 2020

Kindergarten enrolments 2020